While resumes can fill an outline of one’s history, I hope to give a short snapshot of who I am in between those lines. 

After five attempts to choose a major, I found that Marketing in The College of Business of Administration at UC was a match for both the right and left sides of my brain. Calculus and Quantitative Analysis were not my favorites, but looking back, what an asset they were. From there I was a Merchandise Buyer, Adjunct Instructor at UC and then a Certified Teaching Tennis Professional and Coach. 

What a variety! And all of these experiences uniquely help me in what I now do every day in real estate. 

The core values of my real estate practice are to be the kind of agent that I would want representing me: honest, hardworking, smart, creative, and always focused on the client’s needs. When I first started to teach tennis, my mentor gave me tips to be successful…the one that sticks with me is “give your client five extra minutes...and listen.”

Selling, buying or both can be an emotional roller coaster. I credit my 18 years of coach¬ing tennis at St. Xavier with indirectly honing my skill for staying calm while successfully negotiating all terms of a transaction. Who would have thought that keeping these young tennis players - some of the most brilliant and critical thinkers - focused during times of stress would ultimately become one of my more valuable assets?

Since 2010, my first full year in real estate, I have sold between 18 to 44 homes per year. My business plan is to stay in the transaction range where I can always be the primary communicator with my clients and answer phone calls, emails and texts within the same day. And still sleep at night!

I look forward to talking about you and your needs and, hopefully, fill in any blanks or answer any of your questions.